Le Courage

Le Courage


About Triangular Traded Spices: All of our handcrafted, high-quality seasoning blends are fresh, fragrant, flavorful, evocative and extremely versatile. We’re fiercely committed to working with ethical and transparent supply chains, and we source our spices from sustainable businesses. I believe spices are the heart and soul of flavor and the best spices will forever change the way you cook. The names of my spice blends were deliberately chosen to honor Africa and its resilient families and communities. 


Le Courage
Diaspora of influence:
West Africa 

Le Courage, a smoky, garlicky and earthy seasoning is a chef's dream. But my family — Grandma Daisy, Mother, and Sweetpea (my sister Symone) — uses this spice blend on absolutely everything! The smoked and sweet Spanish paprika is the underlying base of this blend, while the addition of ancho chiles (dried poblanos evolve into ancho chiles, which is Spanish for “wide”) imparts a sweet and earthy kick with just a lick of heat.


Our Le Courage blend is intensified by the pungent spice, Grains of selim (African pepper pods), a popular spice throughout countries like Ethiopia, Nigeria and Ghana. Grains of selim distinct flavor is brilliant with beef and barbecued meats, and it’s equally wonderful sprinkled over vegetables or mixed into stews like West African pepper pot soup, Nigerian jollof rice or seafood gumbo.


Cooking Tips:

Use our delicious Le Courage to make your own spice rubs for grilling season on veggies, meat and seafood. Sprinkle on avocado toast or add to any stew or sauce for extra flavor.