About Triangular Traded Spices: All of our handcrafted, high-quality seasoning blends are fresh, fragrant, flavorful, evocative and extremely versatile. We’re fiercely committed to working with ethical and transparent supply chains, and we source our spices from sustainable businesses. I believe spices are the heart and soul of flavor and the best spices will forever change the way you cook. The names of my spice blends were deliberately chosen to honor Africa and its resilient families and communities. 


Diaspora of influence:

Our super-popular Ębí spice blend has intensely bold flavors of the Caribbean with pronounced floral notes that incorporate a decidedly West Indian breeze. It’s insanely delicious rubbed on ribs, shrimp, chicken with spiced rice, rolled into meatballs or use Ebi to make a vibrant marinade with oils and citrus.


Cooking Tips: 

Dust our Ębí spice blend on chicken, shrimp or ribs to give them a major jolt of flavor, or use it to dial up the heat in vegetable creations, couscous, stews and dishes spotlighting ground meat.


      Dominant flavors

      • Allspice
      • Clove
      • Cinnamon
      • Dried rose petals

      Thing to know

      • Net Weight: 8.9 oz
      • Use: Store in a cool, dark place
      • Diaspora of Influence: Jamaica
      • Ebi means "family and hunger" 

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