Revuelta (Spanish)

Revuelta (Spanish)

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Rich, earthy Dukkah—a blend of crushed, toasted pistachios Marcona almonds and spices like cumin, coriander, and sesame—is as much an all-purpose seasoning in Egypt and throughout Northern Africa. TTSpices Dukkah is aromatic, with a fine texture that's perfect for mixing into dips or for sprinkling over food. The blend tastes prominently of cumin and ginger, with the pistachios adding a rich, sweet nuttiness and simple heat rounding out the Dukkah with a touch of brightness.


Dukkah is eaten in parts of Northern African countries from morning to night: Served alongside hard-boiled eggs, it's breakfast. With good olive oil and cheese on fresh bread, it's a snack. Sprinkled on roasted meat or vegetables, it's dinner. Try it as a spice rub for meats or use Dukkah to coat breaded cutlets for extra crunch. Or keep it simple and mix with olive oil to make a dip for bread and crudités.


    Main Ingredients:

    • Pistachios
    • Marcona Almonds
    • Cumin

    Thing to Know

    • Net Weight: 8.9oz
    • Nut Allergies
    • Also Known As: Duqqa, Dukka, Dukkah Seasoning or Dukkah
    • Use: Store in a cool, dark place.
    • Diaspora of Influence: Morocco, Egyptian

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